Bela lađa - guestbook
Go anywhere but always return to Bela Ladja. In the most beautiful city on Danube, famous by
sounds of the tamborine's golden chords, rich variety of dishes and people with open hearts, in the center of
in the center of Pannonian plain is placed famous ship on dry
"Bela ladja" (White Ship)



Book of impressions

NOt only when you're feeling low,
NOt only when you wish to taste something good and with great quality,
Not only when you long for family mood,
Not only if you wish to show off in front of your friend where have you been,
Not only if you want to be seen,
Not only if you wish to be in company with Sloba, Goran and Laza,
Not only when you are bored by people you are hanging with,
Not only to count bottles of different wine,
Not only when your salary or pension still hasn't arrived,
Not only, not only no, but always just "Bela Ladja!"

When time leaves it's marks and pictures turn to fade, a memory of beautiful moments and events
spent with dear friends in your restourant will always stay.

Staying in your city, my wife and myself came in your restourant for a meal. We are very greatful
for great and tasty food. We are especially impressed with the manners of stuff.
Your guests,
Vladimir and Milka

To come in the restourant where everything is shining and where you can feel wormth, with the high-leveled
service and great kitchen is the feeling that must be noted into this book. Thanks for evrything, I'll come again.

I hope we'll soon meet again,

It was delicious!We'll recommend you to all our acquaintances, riends and enemies!Wish you all the best!
You Beretic

Everything I can give in my own home, we can get in this restourant. With gratitude and sincere recommendation,
Misa and Mile

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Our white ship

"Bela Ladja" and it's crew keep their hearts and door open for everyone wishful of good food, song and wine, and for all people who are tired there is always a place underneth our roof to sail into the most beautiful dreams.