brod bela ladja

National restaurant that is with you for centuries.

Restaurant and rooms

Restaurant is etno hous Vojvodina kitchen where you can have good quality food and listening to live etno music every night. Restaurant "Bela Ladja" with tradition 1 and half century long, located in peaceful part of Novi Sad attractive location only 400 meters away from town centre. Proof of our quality are thousands and thousands satisfied guests who fell in love with our kitchen and excellent service which we give.

The most tastefull bites
slika restorana .

Biggest pride of our restaurant is its kitchen which produces all kinds of national and international meals. All with top service and live etno music. Through our offer we wish to save tradition of domestic kitchen, from which we get inspiration for something new, but in our way.

It is a traditional restaurant where oour guest are greeted in a traditiopnal way by bred and salt and rakija Sljivovica (plumb alchoholic drink).

From entrance you can see our vine collection of 2000 vines full bottles. Restorant gets a good view of Albert Ajnstajns and Mileva Marics house. We have supermarket which works 24 hours.

We have 10 rooms which have french beds in restaurant. Most rooms share two bathrooms.


360 restoran 360 sobe


slike hrana i pice

soba slika

Our white ship

"Bela Ladja" and it's crew keep their hearts and door open for everyone wishful of good food, song and wine, and for all people who are tired there is always a place underneth our roof to sail into the most beautiful dreams.