brod bela ladja

Old street Zlatne grede 15

Rooms «Bela Lađa» II, Zlatne grede 15

Placed on the ridge where first house of Novi Sad was built.

The street is older then the city it self. Very lush surounding, location is perfect for accomodation in the city.Near by there are a lot of places to have fun or to visit coulture museums, churches and danube park.Air is fresh beacuse danube is very close and near it is petrovaradin fortrees. Through our objects has passed thousands of satisfied costumers from all over the wotrld. What makes us different form other hostels is high quality service by the price of regular hostel and rooms. We are not hostel but we keep hostel prices. And quality is in the hotels with 3 stars

Old Kisačka street 21
skica bela ladja

We offer 14 rooms all rooms are have different design wich makes your stay comfortable.All rooms have bathrooms, cable TV, Air condition, hot watter avalable 24 hour a day. And garadge for all types vhiacles and for busses there is a bus parking near by 20-25m away. For major festivals we have an extra beds(example EXIT music festival or others).


Our personel makes your stay more comfortable through good service. And video survailances keeps our object safe for you. All doors are security doors.

It is a perfect location for stay in the city We allso offer free internet connection, along with informations of happenings through the city.

For you help and support are working kind and helpfull personel to help you with informations about the city.


In street Kisacka 21 restaurant and hostel


360 restoran 360 sobe


slike hrana i pice

soba slika

Our white ship

"Bela Ladja" and it's crew keep their hearts and door open for everyone wishful of good food, song and wine, and for all people who are tired there is always a place underneth our roof to sail into the most beautiful dreams.